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✔ that helps you earn money

✔ does not waste your time unnecessarily

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We have completely ditched the bricks of the company office to prove our case
for a more productive and mobile team.

As pioneers, we do have the rapid pace of technology on our side, as the hot mobile trend. It keeps staff and clients more effortlessly connected.
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Our Company Overview

Accounting anywhere in Romania  – Conion Accounting

We are an accounting company offering competent
and professional accountancy services.

We are more than that, in fact. Conion is a group of companies specialized
in providing complete services in the financial-accounting field.

We provide among the best accounting services, and we do it for already more than 10 years.

We know we can help you with quality bookkeeping services wherever you
might be in Romania.

We are also active in the counties Cluj and Sălaj and we have customers from different counties and towns of Romania.

What Clients Say

    Our priority is our client

    Our priority is not the state. We aim to have satisfied customers and we work hard for it.

    We’re friendly

    Formal if need be, but most of all friendly. We know we’re not perfect. We’re human.

    You can count on us.

    We are true to our word. It’s simple. And it’s sufficient.

    Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

    You can find below a briefing of our services:

    • Financial accounting and bookkeeping;
    • Drawing up the monthly, half yearly and yearly balance sheet, based on the existing documents;
    • Elaborating the forms and reports for taxes, the P&L sheets;
    • Drawing up the VAT accounting registers, according to the legal requirements;
    • Keeping the fixed assets and assets depreciation registry;
    • Calculation of the profit and income taxes;
    • Counseling for primary accounting.

    Payroll services

    The main services we offer are as follows:

    • Preparation of monthly payroll ready for ready for signature and distribution.
    • Drawing up and submitting the statements regarding the obligations corresponding to the personnel rights;
    • Drawing up of salary payment statements in accordance with legal provisions;
    • Drawing up of pay slips;
    • Submission of employee related statements to the relevant authorities;
    • Completion of payment orders regarding salary payables.

    Bookkeeping repairing & reconstruction

    There are situations when you need accounting reconstruction or repairing for a specific period of time. You can count on our professional accounting services. To this you may add promptness, experience and fair prices. If you have any questions, see what our customers say, and then contact us.

    Financial and fiscal consultancy

    Complementary to our accounting and payroll services, we provide you with our experience on fiscal optimization in Romania. We intend to supply you with the best practices for paying the right amounts of taxes.

    Of course you can also count on the three classical benefits...

    that we didn’t feel like we need to point out.

    • Professional services. We are talking about: trust, confidentiality, promptness, quality, experience.
    • Reliability. We are trying to offer the best accounting services to our customers right from the very start. In case mistakes should arise on our side, we provide our clients with our professional liability insurance. This has never been the case, but it is available at all times.
    • Fair prices. In the discussions with our clients we start from the idea of a win-win partnership. You can expect good prices and high quality services.

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    Company info


    RO 2232892

    Reg. Com. J31/678/2007

    Contact info

    Phone: + 40 721 160 220


    Adress: Ion Creangă Str, No. 14, Șimleu-Silvaniei, 455300, Sălaj, Romania

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